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26th November 2022 marked Ahlcon Public School’s 34th Annual Felicitation Ceremony & Cultural Fiesta in the school auditorium positing on the theme "The Journey- Gurukul se Google". The programme was inaugurated with the auspicious lamp lighting by the Chief Guest, Ms. Purvadhanashree, an accomplished Vilasini Natyam and Bharatnatyam artiste, Mr. Ashok Pandey, Advisor to the President of the Shanti Devi Progressive Education Society, Dr. Deepak Raj Singh Bisht, Principal of the school and other eminent guests with the melodious choir rendering the Saraswati Stuti.

Principal Dr. Bisht presented the Annual Report highlighting, inter alia, the school rank #11 by Education World, the Brainfeed Award, Special Achievers (both faculty and students) and students' placement in different professional colleges. The felicitation ceremony was a tribute to the relentless efforts and success of students in curricular and co-curricular fields of academic session 2021-22.

The cultural programme showcased the journey of learning since Vedic ages to the present times, highlighting the enriching experiences thus making Bharat a Vishwa Guru. The performances in the gracefully woven story highlighted the importance of yoga, the globalisation of Indian dance forms, and the growing impact of digitization upon the youth. The lithe and joyous performances were indeed a treat to witness!

Advisor, Mr. Pandey applauded the creativity, hard work and enthusiasm of the students and the staff and hoped none would become a slave to any machine. Chief Guest Ms. Purvadhanashree encouraged the learners to be committed to a larger cause and respect their parents and teachers. She urged parents and teachers to treat each learner as an individual and respect their learning pace in their journey. Reminiscing about her own formative years, she did encourage rebelling (albeit with a cause!) and strive to be our own better versions and beware of becoming a clone.

The Vote of Thanks was delivered by the Head Girl, Riddhi Kulshrestha, and the uplifting strains of our school song brought the enthralling programme to a befitting close.

Quote of the day

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than anything.