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events : Ahlcon Public School Doha vachan 2021 class V

Ahlcon Public School’s Primary Department organised

Inter House Doha Vaachan Competition class –V on a virtual Zoom Platform on 27 July 2021.The competition was judged by TGT Mrs. Rashmi Kumar from Secondary wing and retired from Ahlcon Public School PRT Mrs Meenakshi Sen respectively. The event was skilfully compared by from 5B Tejasav Jain and from 5E Prisha Jain. The Dohas were meticulously recited with apt voice modulation and intonation by all the students. The best ones were recognised and awarded winning positions by the Headmistress Primary Department Mrs.Tara Malviya.

All the Dohas were extremely meaningful and thought provoking especially for the young audience.

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Quote of the day

23. SELF-DOUBT is the anchor that keeps our ships from sailing.