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events : Inter Section Compt. of Computer Science Class IV

On 27 January 2020 Ahlcon Public School's Primary Department organized an Inter Section competition of Computer Science for class 4. The topic was MS Word . The venue was junior computer lab.

Three students from each section of class 4 were selected after the analysis of MS Word documents created previously by the entire sections in junior computer lab subsequently by respected subject teachers.

Selected Fifteen Students were given a printout of an image in MS Word format which they were supposed to make with needed editing and drafting tools.

Judges of the competition were Ms. Shilpa Mishra (PRT) and Ms.Tanvi Vij (PRT) .

Vinki Shrivastava of section A and Shivansh Singhal of Section E both stood First.

Second position was secured by Ananya of section B.

The winners were felicitated by Head Mistress Primary Department Ms.Tara Malviya.All the winners were beeming with full confidence and promised to excel in this field in their future endeavours.

The participant's confidence was immensely boosted with her words of appreciation.

Quote of the day

23. SELF-DOUBT is the anchor that keeps our ships from sailing.