Ahlcon Public SchoolMayur Vihar Ph - 1 Delhi 110091


Date: 9/11/22
Day: Wednesday
Time: 8 am
Activity: Interhouse Heritage Quiz
Group: 1


Ms Divya
Ms Priyadarshini

Objectives of the Activity:
Inter house Heritage quiz was organised in the auditorium on 9th November 22 for classes 10- 12. Heritage helps us to examine our history and traditions and enables us to develop an awareness about ourselves. Heritage is a keystone of our culture that plays an important role in our policies,society, business and World view.

Participation & Result:

S.No. Name Class Position
1 Aadya Singh 12-H 2nd
2 Prisha Khanna 10-F 2nd
3 Sanskriti Agrawal 10-E 2nd
4 Ishanvi Sharma 11-H 2nd
5 Ridhi Kulshrestha 12-E -
6 Tejaswini Gandhi 11H -
7 Pranav Nair 10F -
8 Jalaj Kochhar 11-H -
9 Maansi Singhal 12-H 1st
10 Gauri Pant 11-H 1st
11 Jayesh Karnatak 11-H 1st
12 Harshita Bisht 10-C 1st
13 Atharv Narain 12-H 3rd
14 Udit Utreja 11-H 3rd
15 Atharv Rastogi 10-F 3rd
15 Mimansha 10-F 3rd


FIRST: Eklavya
THIRD: Prahlad

Quote of the day

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than anything.