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events : Report on digital citizenship

Ahlcon Public School organised a workshop for class 9 students on Digital Citizenship and Online Safety -Engaging for Change on 14th December 2022 in the school auditorium .The resource person for the session was Ms. Pratishtha Arora, CEO of Social Media Matters, who is an online safety expert working on women and children issues .The workshop focussed on the ways to navigate our digital environments in a safe and more responsible manner. The students gained an insight to the nuances of the digital citizenship and learnt how to use the internet and technology appropriately so as to make the online world a more welcoming place for everyone. The students were made acquainted with the terms like cyber bullying, cyber harassment ,cyber safety and were told to protect their private information from strangers . They were made aware of how to carefully manage their digital footprints and to stand up against cyber crimes .The workshop had been a great learning experience for everyone present. The headmistress of the school , Ms Mamtha Mahale expressed her gratitude and presented a planter to Ms. Pratishtha as a token of appreciation.

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