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events : SILICO BATTLES v17.1 - Where Technology Amplifies Creativity

The Silico Battles 2021 v 17.1, was organized by the Souvenier Club of Ahlcon Public School from 19th October 21 to 29th October 2021 under the able guidance of the Principal, Dr Deepak Raj Singh Bisht. Silico Battle, the most awaited Annual Global Tech Symposium- Silico Battles v 17.1. is a mélange of computer technology-based activities providing a dynamic opportunities to the learners to learn,explore and showcase their scientific, technological and innovative skill.

The virtual programme was inaugurated by invoking the blessings of Lord Ganesha, followed by the welcome address by Mr. Jagdish Prasad, Club Convener and Kshitij Kapoor, the President of Souvenier Club. The principal, welcomed the dignitaries and recounted the journey of Silico Battle that has now reached a global level, with nearly 42 reputed schools participating in the event from across the world. The Director, Dr Ashok Pandey highlighted the crucial role of constructive technology for a progressive society and Silico to provide such a platform that fosters the spirit to collaborate, create and equips the young learners with the 21st century skills. The 17th online version of Silico Battle is a great step towards a more advanced and tech-savvy India where the youth is ready to confront and adapt to the challenges of a dynamic global society.

Well established alumni joined the event as distinguished panel of jury from various parts of the world and expressed their association with the Silico Battle that not only instilled a technical temperament and ignited curiosity but also provided an opportunity to enhance organizational skills inclusive of problem-solving abilities and communication.

Silico Battle not only encourages students to participate in learning-based competition but also cultivates an atmosphere where students can contribute to the technical advancements. The various categories included innovative competitions Dexterity, Design, Scrap forge, Cyquest, Logo and Senior Programming, Robotics, Adobe Animate, Fotografia, Cartoon Making and Respawn PC which were held on virtual platforms and adjudged by a distinguished panel of jury from across the globe. After the spectacular competitions, Mother’s International School, Noida won the most coveted Champion’s Trophy.

The events facilitated an in depth understanding of the fundamentals of technology and its operations and provided the young participants an opportunity to explore and experience the current emerging technologies. The Computer Department and Souvenier Club were highly appreciated for their tireless commitment in making the Silico Battles v17.1 a success.

Opening ceremony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqtHOw1lQxg
Closing ceremony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx8wlPkElrE

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