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events : Unicef India Open House

UNICEF Day is celebrated every year on 11Dec as the UNGA created UNICEF back in 1946. To mark the 70years of UNICEF India, Delhi, organised a one-day session for the students between 13-16 years. Ahlcon Public School was represented by two students from class 9 and three Students from class 11.

At the beginning the young learners were sensitized on the global environmental issues and were guided to create an eco-friendly environment at home and outside. By hands-on learning method, the students were made aware of ways to save paper and conserve the resources like electricity and water thus aiming for sustainable development.

According to Mr. Ghosh, for successful implementation, it is necessary that a teacher takes up small groups and handles one specific area of content at a time. The tasks assigned to the students must match their ability to perform and ample choice must be provided to the learners to keep their interest intact.

The students got an opportunity to participate in various activities like puzzle solving, dart game, quiz and coordination games. Through these activities they were sensitized about the grave issues of a child’s basic rights and their violation in terms of child exploitation, violence and abuse. Through a coordination game between a pair, they were sensitized about the concept of child marriage and its effects on society. It also addressed the concerns of gender equality which is the foundation for a society to develop.

Quote of the day

23. SELF-DOUBT is the anchor that keeps our ships from sailing.