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events : Workshop on Differentiated Teaching

Thus in order to enhance the skills of the teachers in organizing differentiated class, a workshop was organised in the auditorium of Teachers in the most exciting and effective differentiated classrooms don’t have all the answers. What they have is the optimism and determination to help each seed see the light of the day. Ahlcon Public School. The resource person for the same was Mr. Arijit Ghosh, Vice President of Education Quality Foundation of India

The resource person emphasised on the fact that the knowledge of the profile of the students is a pre-condition for differentiated teaching in the classroom. Multiple approaches are required to handle the content, processes and product of differentiation. The strategies adopted should be in accordance with the needs of the students and their ability to learn and comprehend.

According to Mr. Ghosh, for successful implementation, it is necessary that a teacher takes up small groups and handles one specific area of content at a time. The tasks assigned to the students must match their ability to perform and ample choice must be provided to the learners to keep their interest intact.

A variety of learning content should be provided and different processes must be implemented for the effective presentation of the content to the students so that they are able to grasp it. The resource person elaborately explained the strategies of 'scaffolding' and 'contracting of content' which prove to be exceedingly helpful in case of below average students. He also added that differentiation must be pro-active, flexible and qualitative and the teacher must be data informed, observant and agile.

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