Ahlcon Public SchoolMayur Vihar Ph - 1 Delhi 110091

Foundation Stage Department

Teaching Staff Details

  • Ms. Kuhu Ganguli

    Incharge(Pre-Primary) B.Com., B.Ed.
  • Lavanya Dutt

    Teacher in Foundational Stage
    B.Com; NTT; B.Ed.
  • Ms. Omita Mago

    PPT, B.A., NTT
  • Ms. Chanchal Walia

    PPT, B.A.
  • Ms. Dipika Manglik

    PPT, B.A., NTT
  • Ms. Meenakshi Goyal

    PPT, M.A., B.Ed.
  • Ms. Kalpana

    PPT, M.A., NTT
  • Dr. Shankar Narayan Jha

    Music Instructor, Sangeet Visharad, Ph.D. (Music & Fine Arts)
  • Ms. Nidhi Mehrotra

    PPT, M.Sc., B.Ed.
  • Ms. Lovya Dhingra

    PPT, B.Sc., B.Ed.
  • Ms. Neha Arora

    PRT(in Pre Primary wing) M.C.A., B.Ed.
  • Ms. Jyoti

    Teacher in Art, B.F.A.
  • Ms. Pooja Chaturvedi

    Co-Teacher, Dip. In ETE, M.Com, B.Ed.
  • Ms. Menka Chawla

    Co-Teacher, B.A., B.Ed., MBA
  • Ms.Manisha Chakrabarti

    Co-Teacher, M.A, NTT, CTET, B.Ed.
  • Ms. Arushi Sharma

    Co-Teacher, B.El.Ed.
  • Ms. Sonia Malhotra

    Co-Teacher, B.Com., N.T.T.
  • Ms. Sonia Verma

    Co-Teacher, M.A, MSW, B.Ed.
  • Ms. Komal Sukralia

    Pre Primary Teacher
    B.A., NTT
  • Ms. Swati Sehgal

    Pre Primary Teacher
    B.A., B.Ed.
  • Ms. Pratiksha Negi

    Pre Primary Teacher
    M.Com, B.Ed., NPTT

Quote of the day

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than anything.