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events : ABHISAR (The Annual Cultural Show Class 1) 23rd September

The Annual Cultural Show presented by our talented class 1 students of the foundational stage! This year, our theme was “Abhisar,” a word that encapsulates the essence of Krishna’s diverse manifestations and the wonderful cultural tapestry of our country.” Abhisar” in its truest sense refers to Krishna’s journey and exploration of the lesser-known forms in different regions of India. Our young performers have taken inspiration from various states, where Krishna is worshipped and celebrated uniquely. In this presentation, we delved into the lesser-known forms of Lord Krishna across various states in India. From the playful “Bankey Bihari” in Uttar Pradesh to the divine “Jagannath” in Orissa, the loving “Vithal Ji” in Maharashtra, the adorable “Baal Roop” in Kerala, and the enchanting “Raas” in Manipur, our young performers beautifully showcased Krishna’s multifaceted avatars through mesmerizing dance forms.

They were decked in splendid costumes and adorned with exquisite makeup, bringing these characters to life and inviting you to experience the rich cultural tapestry and unwavering devotion associated with Krishna’s diverse manifestations. It was a delightful celebration of our country’s cultural diversity and the timeless stories of Lord Krishna.

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