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events : Class XII Trip to Niyama Camp in Chail, Himachal Pradesh

Class 12th summer trip to Chail, Niyama Camp from 31st may to 4th June 2023 was an adventure-filled journey that took students on a mesmerizing trek through breath-taking landscapes, adventure activities like zip line, Burma Bridge followed by refreshing swimming pool activities. It was a perfect combination of thrill, relaxation, and bonding, resulting in memories that will last a lifetime.

After a warm welcome from our knowledgeable guide, students gathered for a briefing on the trek route, safety measures, and the stunning sights students would encounter along the way. Equipped with backpacks, trekking gear, and a sense of excitement, students began their journey. To unwind and recharge after the exhilarating trek, students dedicated this day to poolside relaxation and exciting water activities. Students splashed around, and indulged in thrilling water rafting activities, all while soaking up the warm sunshine.

The trail led us to breath-taking viewpoints, where students marvelled at majestic mountains and vibrant flora and fauna. Each step brought closer to nature, rejuvenating our spirits and forging deeper connections with our fellow trekkers. The campsite offered breath taking panoramic views, and the peaceful ambience filled us with tranquillity.

Students spent the evening exchanging stories, playing games, and enjoying a delicious meal prepared by the skilled camp chefs. As the trip drew to a close, students reflected on the incredible memories they had created together. They organized a bonfire in the evening, where they shared heartfelt stories, sang songs. They also took this opportunity to thank their guide and support staff, whose expertise and hospitality added immense value to our journey. This trip served as a reminder of the immense joy and fulfilment that travel brings and left students longing for more such unforgettable adventures in the future.

Quote of the day

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than anything.