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events : Good Touch-Bad Touch

An educative awareness session on ‘Good Touch and Bad Touch’ was organized by the PrePrimary department of Ahlcon Public School on 7.7.21. The workshop focussed on educating Children about “Good Touch & Bad Touch”. Children learnt about the strategies to counter an unsafe situation – “Yell, push, run “, safety circle etc. Children were made to drill the sentence” My body belongs to me”, to reiterate the sense of right to their body. Teachers asked children and parents to share a Code word. Apart from enlightening the children about their safety, the workshop also provided valuable tips to parents to ensure safety of their children.

At Ahlcon, we believe in wholesome education, and wellbeing of our children is of prime importance to us. By conducting such workshops, we are able to sensitize and equip our children to face and handle any unpleasant situations with confidence.

Quote of the day

23. SELF-DOUBT is the anchor that keeps our ships from sailing.