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events : Inter House Elocution (Eng) - Class IV & V

Session 2023-2024
Report - Inter House Elocution (Eng)
Class IV & V

Elocution is an art or style of effective public speaking in which vocal production, gesture and delivery are emphasized. It aims to nurture the art of public speaking in students and build their confidence by including stories which have both descriptive part and dialogue delivery.

Inter House Elocution (Eng) was held on 28th July 2023 for classes IV & V.

The Competition was organized by Ms. Shweta Gangwani. The judges for the competition were Ms. Jyoti Bhatia, Ms. Mridula Renjit and Ms. Lavanya.

The competition was compered by Saanvi Singhal and Nishita Gupta of class IV-B.

The children narrated the stories- ‘The Cursed man or King’, and ‘The Struggles of Our Life’.

They were judged on the basis of their pronunciation, memory, confidence and overall presentation.

1st- Aatmaj Baral Pandey (Prahlad)
2nd- Amairah Sahi (Shravan)
3rd- Harita Rawat (Prahlad)

Quote of the day

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than anything.