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events : Inter House Maths Quiz

Report of Inter House Activities

DATE : 1/9/2023
DAY: Friday
Time: 8 a.m to 8.50 a.m
ACTIVITY: Inter House Maths Quiz
GROUP: 6 to 8

ORGANIZERS: Ms Rajni Sharma, Ms Rohini D, Neerja G
Pinky Kapoor

=> To develop critical thinking among children.

=> To make the children to learn mathematical attitude.

=> To develop the skill of answering precisely.

=> To make the children to think and answer quickly.

=> To consolidate and rapid revision of mathematical facts.

=> To develop a situation for children to understand and to answer immediately.

=> To exercise the practice of brief answering in the limited time.

=> To get equipped with useful and important facts.

=> To motivate the children to win prizes.

=> To faster creative instincts among children.

=> To make children to get an awareness about the contribution of mathematics and latest discoveries.


S.NO Name of the Participants Class POSITION
1 Aarav Gupta 8A 1
2 Aadhya Thakur 8E 1
3 Manya Jindal 7A 1
4 Vivan Khetarpaul 6C 1
5 Medhansh Kaimwal 8A 2
6 Parnika Agarwal 7C 2
7 Prayan Garg 6C 2
8 Vedant Ginodia 8D 2
9 Reyansh Srivastava 8D 3
10 Arhan 7A 3
11 Divij Malhotra 7B 3
12 Sashreek Kohli 6D 3
13 Priyal Gupta 8D 4
14 Tejasva Jain 7A 4
15 Divik Kapoor 7A 4
16 Arsh kaur 6B 4

FIRST: Eklavya
SECOND: Shravan
THIRD: Prahlad

Quote of the day

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than anything.