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Aiming to observe a ‘child safe’ environment, both internally and externally, where children are respected, protected, empowered and active in their own protection, Mr Jim Dyson, a Safeguarding Support Manager of Premier League Primary Stars, visited Ahlcon Public School on 13 April 23.

The staff of APS, aims to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children in the care of the organisation. The school has different committees like Safety and Security, Disaster Management, Medical Committee, Disciplinary Committee etc. under which we follow certain guidelines to ensure the safety of the children. He was also apprised of CCTV cameras that the school has on the strategic locations and observations are done in every period and in every arena of the school premises. Therefore, the children are continuously monitored in the school at all times. Few other concerns regarding incidents and the protocol that the school followed was informed by the principal, Dr Deepak Raj Singh Bisht and HM Primary, Ms Seema Soni.

He observed the buzz of excitement in the primary children while observing a Physical Education lesson in the field. He was acquainted with the fact that PSHE and PE lessons are thoroughly incorporated in the school’s curriculum.

Overall, the discussion with Mr. Dyson was fruitful and engaging as he understood that Ahlcon is the emerging pioneer of globalisation.

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