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events : Report on School Trip October 2023


An educational cum recreational trip was organized for classes III, IV & V to Jaipur, Sanganer and Jhalana Forest from 27th October 2023 to 29th October 2023. Away from Delhi towards the historically enriched city of Jaipur, children were super excited to build the best memories of their school life.

30 students and 3 teachers went on this knowledgeable yet adventurous trip. They started from school on 27th October early morning by bus and reached the Pink City, intrigued with vivid colours, and the streets full of rich and royal history.

Children enjoyed the Amer Fort, a stunning hilltop fort, combining Rajput and Mughal architecture with grand palaces, ornate courtyards, and breathtaking landscape views. The children were super thrilled trekking to the fort and enjoyed the mesmerizing views of the city. This visit to the Amer Fort encouraged students to gain a deeper understanding of the heritage that extends beyond the textbooks. Students also visited the majestic courtyard Diwane Aam and Diwane Khas. While returning to the hotel at night, children came across the well illuminated monuments of the city like Hawa Mahal, Albert Hall Museum, Jal Mahal and the streets of Bapu Bazaar.

Visit to the Jhalana Safari was very exciting for the children as it is a delightful surprise in the heart of Jaipur, offering a chance to witness leopards and experience the wonders of the wilderness while being just a short drive away from the city. After Lunch, the students visited the famous block printing and handmade paper factory in Sanganer. Children were shown the process of block printing by the local people and even tried their hand at it and were also allowed to take away the respective cloth designed by them.

City Palace of Jaipur was an enriching experience for the children as they witnessed a collection of very fine pieces of art, paintings, manuscripts, musical instruments, and royal clothes. The Puppet Show was enjoyed by the students and made their visit to the palace more joyous and memorable.

The children learnt sharing and caring, developed bonding with their peers and teachers, became independent and learnt to appreciate the rich heritage and culture as well as the nature. The children had a great experience and had mixed feelings while returning from the trip as they did not want it to end so soon. The parents were also very happy and gave the teachers thank you notes as their children were very well looked after and were excited about the trip. In fact, they are already looking forward for the next trip.

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