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events : SDG WEEK (10th -14th July)

During the SDG Week which was organized for pre-primary kids, children actively participated in various activities related to sustainable development goals. One of the goals they focused on was SDG Goal 12,To raise awareness about reducing plastic usage, the children created a thinking board that reminded everyone to stop using plastic in their daily lives.

Another goal the children worked on was SDG Goal 13, which addresses climate action. They repurposed plastic bottles and transformed them into piggy banks. This activity not only encouraged recycling but also highlighted the importance of saving money for a greener future.

SDG Goal 5, focused on gender equality, was also a topic of discussion. The children learned about different female community helpers and their important roles in society. As a special activity, the fathers of the children cooked dinner to demonstrate equality in household responsibilities, breaking stereotypes and promoting gender equality.

Additionally, the children participated in SDG Goal 13 by cleaning their tables. This simple act highlighted the significance of maintaining cleanliness and preserving the environment.

The SDG Week provided them with valuable lessons about the importance of responsible consumption, climate action, gender equality, and cleanliness, empowering them to become active global citizens from a young age.

Quote of the day

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than anything.