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events : Workshop on E-Waste Management and its Hazardous Impact

An environmental awareness session was held on 30.01.23 in the auditorium of Ahlcon Public School by Mr. Rajesh Khatri, founder of the ECO ROOTS FOUNDATION and his colleague, Mr. Nipun Kaushik. Mr. Khatri is known as the NEST MAN in India, as he has a record of building over 1.25 lakh nests for birds all over India. He has also been felicitated in the Limca Book of Records, for conducting the highest number of workshops on handmade nests.

Topic of today’s session was E-Waste Management and its Hazardous Impact.

Students of class six were its participants.

Mr. Nipun introduced our students to e-waste, its hazardous effects on the environment and how this waste generated by us gives rise to social and economic challenges. He followed the discussion with preventive measures that can be undertaken to overcome the posing challenges. REDUCE, REUSE, REPAIR and RETHINK were the four R’s Mr. Kaushik stressed upon as a mantra to be implemented in order to nip the issues in its bud. He kept the discussion interactive in which our students participated well. Students were very enthusiastic during the questionnaire as most of the examples taken by the speaker were from our every-day life.

Mr. Khatri also graced the occasion by giving a short speech on the importance of conserving sparrow for the sake of our ecosystem. He suggested simple steps that can be undertook on a personal level for the same. A student, who shared his own experience of "how he saved a bird", was acknowledged with a "Bird Badge:".

In the end, the school was requested to initiate a collection drive for e-waste through its students.

This event was conducted by Ms. Abhilasha and it ended with a Vote of Thanks by Ms. Mamta Mahale, the Headmistress of Secondary Wing.

Quote of the day

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than anything.